Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kit Kat and other sights

I think that we are on the good side of winter now, heading slowly into spring as the days get longer and hopefully warmer. Our streets remain quite with none of the massive protests that fill so many cities around the world, in fact the cows continue to hang out at Kit Kat overlooking King Street West. Of course the cows (or maybe just one cow cut in half) are not real.

Speaking of protests the last protests I remember, besides the recent gatherings in support of the Arab awakening, were the mildly violent G20 protests and the much more mellow hash protest (or the G-420 march and later snack protest) which took place at the Yonge-Dundas Square.

The old Toronto Stock Exchange building on Bay Street now holds the Design Exchange and maybe they should hang a few cows off the Art Deco facade, or maybe just chip in a new name on their large sign.
The old Toronto Stock Exchange Building.

I started listening to CHUM radio when I was growing up and I occasionally listen to it in the car, but I miss the old Roger, Rick and Marilyn combo in the morning. At the end of their run I think they were all mad at each other, now Rick has left and Darren fills his spot.
Chum Building.

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