Friday, February 11, 2011

Steam and the Feds

I think the Feds are tapping into a volcano directly underneath the City of Toronto to keep the residents of Toronto much warmer than the rest of Ontario. So much heat is being generated that they have stuck a couple of pipes in the ground and vast quantities of steam are escaping into the City at the corner of Richmond Street West and Sheppard Street. I think the feds, currently located conveniently right beside the vent pipes in the Federal building at 85 Richmond Street, may also be studying all the probing going on in alien abductions.

It could also be part of the Enwave steam distribution network that runs underground in the downtown core – but how can we really be sure? I mean the Feds don’t even try to hide their presence – they put up a nameplate right on the building. Although that could be because Sheppard Street followed the route of the much earlier Federal Avenue which ran north from Union Station to the site of the new City Hall. Still, I think that Mulder and Scully should get here pronto and expose the truth before the smoking man covers everything up.

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