Monday, February 07, 2011

OMG! I think Chumlee works for the City of Toronto

My wife and I love the History Channel series “Pawn Stars” where a family runs a pawn business in Las Vegas (see the cast photos below from the History Channel - The crotchety, ex sailor and official “Old Man”, his son Rick Harrison and his son Corey “Big Hoss” know quite a bit about the stuff they take in but many times they will call in experts for their opinions. They have someone on the show working in the shop that is (or pretends to be) dumb as a stick – he is a “village idiot, but he is my village idiot” says Big Hoss of his best friend “Chumlee” (Austin Russell). I also think that Chumlee is that guy “Chuck” (Nug) and Corey is “Vince” in the City of Toronto’s advertising campaign on recycling with Vince and Chuck – We Want It ( Chuck seems to be far smarter than Chumlee, but that too could be an act.
I think the City scored big when they got Chumlee to cut his hair and go undercover in their ads.
This is the Google search for “is chumlee” with “is chumlee really that stupid” as the first suggestion.

Vince (left) and Chumlee look a like Chuck (right) on one of their advertising videos.

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