Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Officer Bubbles"

One of the most surprising turn of events arising out of the whole G20 weekend was the saga of Police Constable Adam Josephs who became known as "Officer Bubbles". Overly stern he was roasted for saying he would arrest a protester named Courtney Winkels who was blowing bubbles "If a bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault."
With so many cameras on hand it was not surprising that the episode was filmed and put up on YouTube. Soon cartoons appeared on the net making fun of the whole bubble situation. The officer soon launched a lawsuit against YouTube, the cartoons and those that made comments about the officer.
I ran into Constable Josephs on Friday, June 25 during the gathering of protesters and marchers in Allan Gardens Park and before he became famous. It's also the first time that I saw members of the Black Bloc hiding behind their large banners.

You can tell they were members of the violent Black Bloc because of their distinctive all black outfits and the headgear which covered their anarchist faces. You have to be careful though because not everyone wearing all black, including masks, are bad guys. And some people actually have unusual last names like "Nobody".

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