Thursday, December 02, 2010

Teresa Ascencao - Toronto Media Artist

I met an installation artist, media artist and teacher today, we crossed paths on a GO Train. We talked as she made her way toward another destination and I learned a bit about her and later searched out her website: Teresa Ascencao, where she describes her work "I have been using photo-based mediums to explore traditional and mainstream culture as it shapes our perceptions of gender. The medium, as well as the method through which the viewer experiences the work, is always critical to my concepts. I play with poetic and kitsch sensibilities and often employ interactivity (low and high-tech) to engage viewers."

Teresa, currently living and working in Toronto, also contributes to many art exhibitions and projects including the Euphoric Femme and continues with her artistic growth and creativity in Canada and internationally.

We talked of another installation artist "The Ann Hamilton" famous for many shows and art, but who I will always remember for her honey and penny installation and that she shares the name of my wife, who is also an artist.

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