Monday, August 02, 2010

Paper Bikini

I heard a story over the weekend about a trip to the United States some time ago - the place was Killington, Vermont, and the story involved a paper bikini. A couple I knew visited the resort called Grey Bonnet Inn and the couple were invited into the hot tub with a number of friends while at the Grey Inn, however they had not brought any bathing suits with them. Apparently the Inn offered for sale paper bikinis for female guests and paper boxer type suits for male guests. Wow, what a fascinating concept - paper bathing suits, and it should work - it looked good on paper!

When the paper suits broke down (surprise) in the water the couple had to wait for everyone to leave before they could climb out of the hot tub. I wonder if the suits are still offered for sale and I shall have to do some research to see the current state of the paper bikini field. If you have any pictures of the suits please send them to me ( so I can post them on my blog.

I did find a link to a vintage clothing site showing a 60's paper bikini. The suits are designed to be disposable and highly fashionable manufactured by Candy Wrappers made of viscose rayon which is a cellulose based wood pulp material. Paper clothes seemed to crop up in the wild swinging sixties and I would be shocked if they weren't currently available from someone, somewhere on the net, especially thong suits. Vintage ones can be found on the internet for approximately $100 USD.

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