Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toronto's Flatiron building

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When I went to Detroit I was surprised to see their Flatiron building was one of the boarded up, abandoned buildings that litter the street-scape of the motor city. Toronto's Flatiron building was constructed in 1891 which was before the 1899 Detroit building and even before the more famous New York Flatiron building. Seeing it's lonely, triangular shape made me want to visit Ontario's version again. Beside the unusual shape the colour and texture of the building is what makes it such a nice landmark.

Known as the Gooderham Building

TO's building is in the heart of the vibrant St. Lawrence Market and the iconic structure is further enhanced by the  large art installation of, funnily enough, the side view of a building which can be seen from the Berczy Park side. It is also a favourite of tourists and tours as many of the yellow and red tourist buses stop, empty out their passengers who point their cameras at the red and green triangle. In fact I felt like I got swarmed when one group moved across the street to my location and started taking pictures.

See more photos of the flatiron building after the jump.

Erected in 1892

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