Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sinful and the Re-enactors

As part of the Detroit airshow - Thunder over Michigan, military re-enactors played a big part in the show. On Friday night they held a parade in Belleville where I met Sinful who is a beautiful biker chick helping to lead the parade. Sinful had quite the dazzling helmet. I forgot to ask why she is sinful. (Shout out to Sinful who called and said she read my blog - Hi Sinful!). Here is a member of the police honour guard.

Speaking of bikers I will be heading over to Port Dover for the upcoming Friday the 13th motorcycle rally. This is Ontario's answer to the annual Sturgis event in the states where a million bikers are expected to attend. While Sturgis is 70 years old the Port Dover event only started in 1981 and I hope it will be as wild as the stories say. I am getting my chaps ready for the day.

The World War II military re-enactors represented several different countries and everyone battled the Germans during the airshow. I believe the Nazis lost this battle.

See more pictures of the re-enactors after the jump.

Those GIs certainly looked young when they went off to war.

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