Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Give the suit off your back

At Bay and Front Street just across from Union Station there was a group of men clad in shorts and a tie and not much else, I think they might have been Chippendales, promoting a charity called Moores Canadian Suit Drive where you can “Help others find their strong suit” (http://www.canadiansuitdrive.com/). Coming out of the PATH system into the sunlight at first I thought I was staring into a mirror, but no, there were more than just one reflection of me when I realized that it was a group of buff guys.

They had signs saying “Give the suit off your back” but I didn’t see anyone stripping down, which is good because they ask for the donations to be clean and on hangers. They are collecting everything from suits to shoes and ties to benefit at-risk men who are moving into jobs. Moores will even provide a 25% discount on your next purchase so drop by your closest Moores store by September 30, 2010 and help others in need.

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