Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ann Rohmer and CP24 - It's almost goodbye

Update: Or is it? While CP24's website says that she signed off on June 22, 2010 it's been noticed that she remains on the news channel. Welcome back Ann.

It's been awhile since we heard the news that Ann Rohmer will leave CP24 Breakfast in mid June of 2010. The host started in television in 1979 and eventually landed the gig that we all know her for - CITY's BT or Breakfast Television. I found it amusing that she appears on a CP24 advertisement in front of the old CITY TV headquarters, now a CTV studio.

When CTV acquired CHUM in 2007 it had to get rid of it's CITY TV properties, including Breakfast Television. Breakfast Television continued until it was taken over by Rogers which led to the creation of CTV's CP24 Breakfast which was launched in 2009. Ann became the chief anchor of Breakfast Television in 2001 continued as the anchor on the new CP24 Breakfast.

CP24's site says this. "After 31 years in broadcasting and 25 years at 299 Queen Street West, Ann Rohmer has decided to hang-up her microphone mid-June, CP24 announced today. Rohmer is currently host of CP24 Breakfast, Hot Property, and Animal House Calls, in addition to her duties behind the anchor desk. Rohmer will remain the special guest host of Animal House Calls on CP24 and Animal Planet but has taken a position outside of the broadcast industry. Rohmer will break the news to her viewers Thursday morning on CP24 BREAKFAST."

I had run into Ann (picture at top) during the Toronto Olympic Flame celebrations in December of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Dc Feldmanann rohmer :......... I really thought you are bright!!!!
After watching your coverage of the G20......well I can't really say I still think you are bright ( to put it in Nice words). You and CP24 were completey missleading and twisted everything in favor of the Billion Dollars Goons (cops). Let's hope everybody sees what is really happening and not what you said on TV.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Miller.....
How dare you tell us there is free speech and that Toronto is a free city? How can you sleep at night and feed us shit about the great Toronto, when in our face .....Bill Blair ( biggest gangster of all ) said that freedom of speech is LIMITED!!!!!!!!!.......Again: Shame on you and all the other of your kind that don't have the Balls to report the truth.
Police ( Goons ) left those cars there on purpose!!!!!!!! keep the idiots away from what really matters!!!!!!!!
Police ( goons ) are the once who instigated to violence, they are the once dressed in black, just to be able to blame it on others and justify the 999,999,999.99 $ that was spent to protect some fat bastards that have no clue what really means to try and stay alive when The government is raping us daily with taxes ,laws ,bylaws ,discrimination and intimidation!!!
I personally was asked by a cop " Did you have fun with the cars? "....with a big EVIL SMILE on his face, just because I wear baggy pants doesn't mean I am a vandal, that also shows how shallow the police is and the way they just like to harass and intimidate all of us, all this is done to make sure we have no freedom to say what we think.
Those cars were old garbage that TV stations in Toronto and the police have made a scenario of, just to make us the protesters look bad.

I will post this everywhere on the net, hopefully the whole world will see the freedom we have in Toronto, Canada ( the friendliest place on earth, LMAO )

Shame on you Miller!
Shame on you Harper!
Shame on you Police ( Goons )
Shame on you all that did not come out to the street and see what really happened!
I guess you like being bent over and Violated in your asses.
SHAME ON YOU All!!!!!!!!

If hell does exist you will all end up in it's deepest pits!.....hopefuly.
I was there and no one of you couch potatoes can tell me different

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