Wednesday, June 30, 2010

G20 Protests - streets return to normal

The G20 Summit security zone fences and barriers have been put away and the streets of Toronto are returning to normal. It turns out that the police did not have the power to search people and check IDs 5m outside the fence after all.

Most of the damaged windows are covered over in plywood and some plywood coverings, such as Urban Outfitters on Yonge Street, have been used for sale signs. A few of the windows have also started to be replaced, like at the Bay. Street furniture is being put back in place and soon the plastic garbage bags taped to streetlights will be removed.

The burned up police cars have left a few scars on the streets which will be one of the longer lasting affects of the protests. Here is the intersection of Bay and King Streets where a cars was torched.
One thing that was fleeting was the jets of the G8/G20 leaders in Toronto. Here is a picture of the US President's Air Force One plane in Toronto International Airport on Saturday night, June 26.

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