Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mayoral Candidate - Sarah Thomson

Sarah Thomson is running for Mayor of Toronto and wants people to "Elect Change". I snapped a photo of her as she attended an event and met with people in the crowd.

She says "Toronto has a looming financial crisis, our debt is close to 3 billion dollars and our transit system can’t service our current needs. With my proven experience of guiding businesses through crisis, and building strong, successful, companies despite adversity, I have learned that transparency and open communications are mandatory. I am not a politician or party backroom operator. I am the only candidate who knows how to lead Toronto to a strong and vibrant future."

One thing she does believe in is road tolls.

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1 comment:

randay047 said...

Sarah believes in Road Tolls to help pay for the subway expansion that she wants to bring about in Toronto. It's pretty bad when our total daily commute time is one of the longest in the world. Subways will help reduce this commute time substantially.

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