Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toronto needs some tank lanes

Forget bike lanes, what Toronto really needs is some tank lanes. Rush hour traffic grinds into slow moving gridlock winding between sections of roads under construction and people battle it out with serious cases of road rage. It's time to take it to another level; add tanks to the mix.

To see what tanks are available I venture to Oshawa and check out Tank Saturdays (first Saturday of the month) at the Oshawa Military and Industrial Museum. The cranked out a good one with the aluminum bodied Sheridan (photos above) which was just perfect for city driving.

While we don't really want to drive tanks on the road I am think we may have some armored vehicles show up when the G20 Toronto Summit comes into town. During the summit I see that the Blue Jays will move some of their home games into the states, Trinity Bellwood Park was named the official protest site, then Trinity Belloods Park was removed as the official protest site and now the old film studios is being converted into a large detention facility for those that get arrested during the event which might turn out to be riot central.

The summit itself will be staged at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street and the Direct Energy Building in the CNE grounds.

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