Saturday, May 29, 2010

Toronto Roller Derby 2010 Season Opener

Update: The 2011 Season Opener saw the Gore-Gore Rollergirls beat the Death Track Dolls - see the pictures here.
Update: See my pictures from the 2010 Championship game held November 13, 2010.
Update: See my pictures of the action at the semi-final game #2 at my blog post here.

The Smoke City Betties battled it out with the Gore-Gore Roller Girls in the Hangar at Downsview Park during the 2010 season opener. Lady Gag-Ya and Memphis Kitty mix it up, above. The score was a little lopsided with Gore-Gore at 248 and the Betties at 58. The Betties were smoked. The bout was announced by Crankpants and I find that it is very hard to understand what the heck the guy is saying most of the time.

The Smoke City girls had black outfits and blue shorts while the Gore-Gore girls were in leopard print outfits. The girls continued to look hot like co-captain Dust Bunny, above. The many refs added their own flavour to the game - they are called the zebra mafia and I like Penny Whistler and Nicki Nine Lives. The Gore-Gore girls make their introductions and one of my favourite players Bambi #33 holds up a banner.

The Toronto Roller Derby (TORD) - real women, real hits, real heart, is doing gangbusters and the crowd was huge for the May 29th match. Games for 2010 are May 29, June 12, July 2 & 10, Aug 21 & 28, September 11 and October 2 & 23 with the Championship on November 13. The teams in TORD are the Smoke City Betties, Chicks Ahoy, The Gore-Gore Rollergirls, The Death Track Dolls and CN Power. Land Shark from CN Power was supporting the league while watching the action from a comfy seat on the sidelines.

One of the powerhouses of the game was Gore-Gore co-captain Brim Stone #21:8 who blocks and jams like a woman possessed. I especially appreciated her garter belt.

When the game ends the teams circle the arena slapping hands then they meet their fans for autographs and photos. Here is me with Bambi in a photo taken by Joe Fresh - otherwise known as "Your Average Joe" - check out his blog as he has plenty of photos from the night.

For coverage of the Quad City Championship event check out my blog post here. You can also see my photos from the June 12 game between Death Track Dolls and Chicks Ahoy on this blog post.

Skull Man's Box Wars stomped out during the half time intermission and their war had the cardboard flying until only one monster was left.

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