Monday, May 24, 2010

Cherry Beach

A crazy fog came rolling in from Lake Ontario and quickly reduced visibility along the Cherry Beach. It was hard to see the dogs playing in the lake or across the bay towards Leslie Spit. The lifeguard building was occupied and the lifeguards were perched high in their lookout trying to keep everyone safe. They keep a bunch of rowboats upside down on the beach but I hope they use the motorboats that they have tied up at the dock if they have to make a rescue. The graffiti taggers had hit the building, sadly nothing is safe from those guys.

The water is still cold but there were still a few sun worshipers waiting for the sun to come out but most of the people were out walking and playing with their dogs.

As the day warmed up the fog went away and I ended up getting a nice sunburn - ahh, that's what summer is about (please tan responsibly and use sunscreen).

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