Sunday, July 05, 2009

African Lion Safari - Go Wild

Toronto has many attractions both within it's borders and also nearby. One of those attractons is African Lion Safari which is about 1 hour west of Toronto. There are plenty of animals including girafffes, rhinos, kangaroos, cheetahs, many types of deer, etc, as well as a water play area.

You can bring your car into the wildlife areas or take their bus for the tour. Many people don't take their car on the Safari trail because of the baboons and their desire to rip away any loose piece of your vehicle - which the monkeys play with and then discard. The following picture shows a couple of cute monkeys on top of a van - one of those cute baboons has a large strip of rubber weather stop in his hands. They will use their hands and teeth to get those tempting items that look like they may come off.

One of the highlights of the visit is the lions which laze about and occasionaly play around. There was a young cub that went up to the male lion, snuggled, then started to bite the big guy.

They also walk the elephants to a small lake and the elephants rush into the water for a half hour of swimming and play.

There are also plenty of birds around. Some are raptors and some are just weird looking.

The ostrichs are funny because they like to come up to your car and look for food. They pretend peck at your car and then pretend to eat things. Then the other ostrichs come over thinking there is food and they can't see any food.

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Unknown said...

african lion safari is best holidays in my life.i really enjoy through heart this time .so keep planning this type of holidays which fullfill your heart with happiness.

Parag said...

Truly african lion safari has to be the best safari adventure.

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