Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There's a lot of iHoop la going on here

I continue to lament the lack of summer as spring extends it’s season into fall. The City seems always cool and wet and expectant – waiting for summer to show itself. The municipal strike that has hindered events (on par with the weather) looks like it is over so maybe we will see more action on the streets – it’s been quiet, too quiet.


During the bustle of lunchtime a small squad of hula hoopers takes to Yonge-Dundas Square. Was it a hula hoop battle to the death, dancing and twirling, hacking and stomping? No, I watch and nobody falls, screaming into the fountains running through the square. No ambulance responds to the imminent, expected violence.


Their shirts say iHoop and I look up the site on that big ol’ internets. There is an iHoop.ca (website coming soon) “where players, find game.” Yeah. Or whatever, I am not sure yet. I also find something about basketball and iPod music – maybe the hoop, you know that thing that holds the net, is represented by the hula hoops and the people are iPods or maybe balls. Go figure.



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