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Toronto Trinity Square clock tower revitalization

Downtown Toronto's hidden park sits behind the Eaton Centre, surrounded by the Church of the Holy Trinity built in 1847 and 483 Bay Street, it is a baby brother to the more famous Trinity Bellwoods Park. Trinity Park is a public square park with the newly upgraded clock tower along with a labyrinth, fountain and stone arches. They finally removed the scaffold and covering around the tower and exposed the upgraded tower.
The labyrinth
And stone arches

From the Toronto Centre projects website, "Over the past three years, the Downtown Yonge BIA has collaborated closely with the City of Toronto and Janet Rosenberg & Studio to strategize the revitalization of the Trinity Square Park clock tower in Downtown Toronto. This initiative aims to enhance the clock tower's visual appeal and practical functionality. This will involve applying weather-resistant paint, modernizing side panels, incorporating new lighting features, and addressing the non-operational clock mechanism that has remained inactive for an extended period.

The Trinity Square clock tower stands as a central point of focus within this locale. The restoration endeavour is predicted to generate favourable outcomes for the broader expanse of the park. This effort aligns harmoniously with the BIA's overarching objective to consistently introduce enhancements to the public spaces within the Downtown Yonge vicinity."

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