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Curl Power at Toronto Hot Docs Festival

Young teen girls from British Columbia were filmed over years as part of 'Curl Power' and the resulting documentary was tinged with a lot of sadness, partly because their unrealized desire to be junior curling champions, mostly because they were teen girls growing up as their lives were diverging. Still it was a beautiful and emotional journey shared with the audience.
Hot Docs programmer with director Josephine Anderson

The movie, directed by Josephine Anderson, was shown as part of Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival 2024 (April 25 to May 5) and I watched it Monday night beginning at 9:30pm at the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. The director showed up and took to the stage prior to the screening and later returned to stage with some of the cast and crew at the end of the movie.
Josephine, Ashley Dezura, her Mom Diane Dezura, an editor and a cinematographer have a discussion and a question and answer period

From the Hot Docs website, "The 4KGIRL$ have a single goal: to become Canadian Junior Curling Champions. They know how it is to feel like underdogs but think this could be their year. With phones in one hand and brooms firmly in the other, teammates Hannah, Brooklyn, Savannah, Ashley and Amy are regular teenage besties living in suburban British Columbia who push their limits on and off the ice. Throwing rocks while updating their socials, they’re living under pressure that tests their self-confidence. Amid their rigorous training and competition schedule, with three of their moms (who are former Olympic curlers) as their coaches, they still face the familiar adolescent rites of passage like working part-time jobs, applying to college, and dating. Director Josephine Anderson crafts a thoughtful and captivating observational portrait about coming of age, friendship and overcoming adversity both in life and in a game of inches where every shot counts and sometimes things don’t go as planned."

Now Hot Docs has been in the news a lot lately as post Covid concerns over attendance and fundraising have called into question the survival of the film festival. Hopefully making films and the associated festivals will find their way and continue these amazing productions.

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