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Another Cherry Beach bridge stuck open

Cherry Street had two lift bridges, one over the Keating Channel and one over the shipping channel south of Polson Street. The northern one providing access from Lake Shore Boulevard East over the mouth of the Don River into the western Portlands, the other a southern access to Cherry Beach, Unwin Avenue and the the multi-use path that follow Lake Ontario. 
Looking south on Cherry Street, towards the stuck bridge, at the new bridge over Keating Channel
The stuck bridge closely resembles the old Drive-In theatre screens located next door

In August of 2019 the northern Keating Channel lift bridge malfunctioned in the open position and which seemed to kick start the significant work required to rehabilitate and update the troubled environmental area and install some new bridges. That lift bridge was taken out of service and just now removed, replaced along a new alignment with two beautiful new bridges.
The old bridge structure is gone, crews are completing the civil removal along the southern bank of Keating Channel.

Now the remaining southern lift bridge is currently in the middle of a lengthy revitalization and is to remain in service. Unfortunately on April 22 the bridge was damaged and left open with the repairs expecting to take place in a few days (finish by May 6). The bridge remaining locked open over the Victoria Day long weekend suggests that this was a lie (photo at top).

The actual 92 year old main shaft of the bridge is bent and the lifting mechanism is scheduled to be replaced as part of the rehab work at the later stages of the project (in 2027). Ports Toronto X post notes that sourcing materials is done and the work will take place over several weeks.

Access to Cherry Beach can still be found through Unwin Avenue.

The great city view from the new bridge on Cherry Street over the new southern mouth of the Don River

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