Saturday, September 19, 2015

Acton Fall Fair 2015

It takes about a week to set up a small town fair, but once the lights come on and the sun drops below the horizon, the fair comes alive and you would think you were at a medium town fair. And if you hit the beer tent hard you could almost swear you were at the CNE. See Sunday's truck pulls on my post here.

The excitement runs from September 18 to 20 and Friday night opens the Acton Agricultural Fall Fair, better known as the 'best little fair in Ontario' by everyone from Acton, or those that think it is worth the drive to Acton. The special events of the evening were the Heavy Horse Pull and the Miss Acton Fall Fair Pageant.
The Miss Acton Fall Fair winners
We took a chance on some gambling, played some midway games and watched the pulls. More horse shows take place Saturday along with the lawn and tractor pulls, while Sunday has the truck pulls.

The rest of the fair schedule follows after the jump.

Saturday Events
8:00 am:
Gates Open to Public
9:00 am:
Poultry Show
10:30 am:
Beef Cattle Show
10:30 am:
Baby Show
11:00 am:
Midway Opens
11:00 am:
Heavy Horse Show
12:00 pm:
Gigantic Parade through Acton and into Fairgrounds
12:00 pm:
Light Horse Show (follows heavy horse show)
12:00 pm:
Horseshoe Pitching
2:00 - 5:00 pm:
Itchy Scratchy Band - in the Spot in the Park
4:30 pm:
Lawn and Garden Tractor Pull
ATV's - 900/under - 1250/under

Sunday Events
8:00 am:
Gates Open to Public
Serama Chicken show - in the Poultry tent
Homecraft Exibition Opens.
10:00- 12:30
Meet Vladimir Koloff - Poultry Tent
11:00 am:
Dairy Cattle Show
11:00 am:
Highway Truck Pull
11:00 am:
Dog/Horse Barrel Race show
12:00 pm:
Antique Tractor Pull
12:00 pm:
Miniature Horse show
12:00 pm:
4H Goat Show
1:00 pm:
Pet Show
1:00 pm:
Dog/Horse Barrel Race show
1:30 pm:
4X4 Truck Pull.
2:00 pm:
Pedal Tractor Pull.
3:00 pm:
Dog/Horse Barrel Race show

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