Sunday, June 22, 2014

No dog meat festival here

The Wichita Eagle newspaper blew the lid off a story regarding a purported American dog meat festival in NE Kansas. "Last week, the National Report, a spoof website, published a story claiming the Osage County town had been hosting a dog meat festival since 1992. “2013 finds the town embracing their unique culinary custom and proudly exclaiming to the rest of the country ‘we eat dog and that’s okay!’ ” the fake story reads in part. The report includes a photo of people at a festival. “That’s not our downtown,” Watson said. “I’d like to have those streets in Overbrook but that’s not our downtown at all.”"
I found out through a posting in a Hong Kong forum which identified the story and noted that the photo was one taken from my blog (at top) and photoshopped (above) - they added Overbrook, KS Canine Cuisine 2013 to the booth's canopy. The street festival shown in my photo was from the Leathertown Festival in my small town of Acton, Ontario.

From the National Report satire/entertainmet article, "For three generations the modest hamlet of Overbrook, KS has been cooking up a dish that by most American’s standards is shockingly taboo. Canines have been on the community’s menu since the early 1970s when refugees from the Vietnam war were relocated to the quiet, close-knit township. Grateful for their new-found liberty, the Vietnamese were eager to share many of their ancient customs with their Kansasian neighbors."
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