Saturday, June 28, 2014

#Toronto CHIN Bikini contest 2014

The latest edition of the CHIN picnic featured a combined Mr and Miss CHIN Bikini contest held on Saturday, June 28. As we are in the middle of a FIFA World Cup the theme of the event was soccer, with bikinis and bathing suits showing the familiar hexagons of a soccer ball. An energetic first half saw the contestants in a sports routine before coming out in the crowd favourite swimsuits.

The opening number saw the women in red and black and the guys in blue in white under the familiar sight of the bandshell Stage in Exhibition Place. Quite a few people brought large signs to support their choice in the contest. 2013 winners Sabrina DiBella and Ricky Liorti passed on their titles to the new contestants during the highly competitive event.
All the winners go to the edge of the stage. Mr CHIN Bikini winners received medals and the ladies received ribbons and flowers while Miss Chin Bikini 2014 Jennifer Thiessen wore here new crown.
Pretty ladies pose with the Scotiabank Hockey Club mascot. The annual Scotiabank CHIN International Picnic, produced by CHIN radio, is 48 years old and "is what Toronto is all about" as it helps to break down barriers of prejudice in a diverse cultural setting. Fireworks were put on lakeside on Saturday night at 10 pm. The picnic continues until Tuesday, July 1, 2014 (closed Monday, June 30) and includes the Chevrolet Midway, boxing, wrestling, beer garden and the International Stage in the Better Living Building.
Some amazing outfits were showcased on stage to help promote the Caribbean Festival which is happening on Canada Day at the International Stage.

Posted by Joe Hamilton and James Hamilton. See more swimsuits and the contest after the jump.

I think this is Sandra Bullock competing in the event

Lenny Lombardi talks to 2013 winners Sabrina DiBella and Ricky Liorti

Miss CHIN Bikini winner Jennifer Thiessen, second-place finisher Elisa-Marie Baglione and Katy Fusco who finished third. See my second post of the Miss CHIN Bikini contest here.
Miss and Mr CHIN Bikini winners 2014

The Mr CHIN Bikini contestants brought their six-packs

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