Monday, November 12, 2012

Hilary Farr Design

@LoveItorListIt, the W Network Gemini nominated reality show starring designer @Hilary_Farr and Realtor David Visentin, helps people overcome homeowner's fears and determine if they should renovate or sell their home. And they have a big fan in US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who says she will "watch her favourite television show, Love It or List It, starring Hilary Farr" when her term concludes, Clinton tells the New York Times, “I find it very calming.” In the States the show runs on HGTV.

As the Toronto filmed show enters five seasons the co-hosts stars have become household names as people fear making the wrong move which could mean thousands of dollars in lost profits, increased costs of renovations or the hassles of finding a dream home. “I think it resonates because it’s everyone’s dilemma — ‘What do we do?’ ” says Farr, referring to the huge success of the design show. “[People think], ‘I know that this house should or could work, but on the other hand, is it worth it to put money into it?’ I think that [reasoning] comes along with the insane property values. There’s always this fear because people are looking for the potential value of their home and terrified of making the wrong move.”

The former interior designer and renovator provides the creative touch and tends to think home owners should love their homes while Realtor David encourages clients to list their properties for sale. Drama ensues when hidden defects like termites or broken furnaces are found, while house searches aren't immediately successful. "Everybody’s upset! But after a lot of hard work and the final commercial, there’s a happy ending.”

After watching renovations under Farr and viewing homes found by Visentin the subjects in each episode must determine if they will sell (List It) or stay in their current home (Love It). The battle between these extremes gives Hilary the opportunity to flex her design skills built as president of her 15 year old interior design firm where she combines tireless glamour and functionality.

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