Thursday, November 15, 2012

Expedia Cures Vacation Deprivation

Can't seem to take that vacation? Canadians get an average of 15 days of holidays and almost 20% of them do not use that precious, precious vacation time. It is time to request those last vacation days and book an adventurous trip, especially if you live in the Prairies. For the 23% of us that feel that winter is the best time to take a vacation you can go check out Expedia's Escape the Winter sale which begins December 11, 2012. Remember, V is for Vacations! has been studying vacation trends since 2003 and in the ten years of the Vacation Deprivation surveys they have found that the percentage of Canadians using their vacation time has increased from 67% to 81%.

The top three reasons for not taking vacation are work commitments or obligations (28%), financial restrictions (26%) and scheduling issues (21%). It's hard to get work out of your mind outside the office and over half of us find the need to check their work email or voicemail while on holiday. Ten years ago many business people were taking pagers out of the office and were grateful that mobile phones didn't come with rotary dials, today smartphones and wireless tablets make connecting with the office so much easier. 

“After 10 years studying working Canadians’ vacation habits, it’s great to see we’re growing more comfortable taking off the time we deserve,” said Sean Shannon, Vice-President and Managing Director of Expedia Canada. “Seeing new places, immersing in a culture, fulfilling a lifelong dream to visit a destination, and even just enjoying a warmer climate are experiences we should make time for because of the immediate and long-term benefits travel has on our professional and personal lives.”

BC has gone from the highest vacation deprivation levels to the lowest at 13%, while in the Prairies 25% of workers don't take all their vacation days - the highest regional levels in Canada.

You can find other findings from Expedia's 2012 Vacation Deprivation study after the jump.

· Not surprisingly, summer is the preferred season for Canadians to take a vacation (43 per cent), followed by winter (26 per cent), fall (20 per cent) and spring (11 per cent). However 43 per cent of Prairie residents surveyed chose the winter as their ideal time for a getaway.

· While the majority of Canadians felt supported by their bosses to take a vacation (72 per cent), this number was lowest in Quebec (56 per cent). Once vacation plans are made, however, Quebecers were the least likely to cancel or postpone them (27 per cent), while those in Atlantic Canada and Ontario were most likely to amend travel plans because of professional obligations at 40 per cent and 39 per cent respectively.

· Though Quebec has a reputation for being the most romantic province, it was in fact Maritimers who said they were most likely to go on holiday only with a significant other (21 and 44 per cent, respectively). Quebecers actually fared lowest on the list on whether they took a vacation with a partner in the last year.

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