Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stencil graffiti in Toronto

Stencils seem to make up a big part of graffiti culture, what with Banksy and all that. I tend to like the stenciled work because it tends to have more form than the typical spray painted murals of squiggles and hard to make out words.  Sometimes the stencils are just writing and contain no other images and sometimes the writing is put on other pieces. This one is on an old sticker of a person, the stencil says 'ADVERTISING ARTWORK ILLEGAL?' The sticker is peeling off and the stencil is not very visible, I believe that the wall was covered and recently exposed.
Rogers placed stenciled advertisements on the sidewalks of Toronto and got into some hot water.
There have been quite a few stencil pieces done about the Toronto Maple Leafs including the sidewalk advertising for Leaf Nation by the MLSE where 'Spirit is Everything' and the Maple Leaf hockey team parody 'Toronto Maple Waffles'.
Leaf Nation: Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Waffles

I also found some birds, maybe some doves, that have an antenna built into their heads.
In Colour,
and black and white.
Deadboy's Raccoon in Queen Street West Graffiti Alley
A critic slashes through Gregory Alan Elliott's "A Picture is Worth A Thousand Critics"

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