Friday, August 05, 2011

Deadboy Graffiti

Little kids with automatic weapons, those cute little boy soldiers seem so innocent - until they whack someone. The work is by Deadboy (or DEADBoY as he writes) and shows a little boy holding an AK-47 while an adult hands are at the top of the weapon and the little kid's head. Here is a Deadboy skull that I found in Kensington Market, I think he is a little pessimistic - you know the everyone is half dead type of guy.
Deadboy also does the Mayor Rob Ford head and shoulder with the one finger salute. I find the skull and mayor stickers in a lot of places, especially along the Queen Street West alley stroll.

I wonder if Deadboy carries around a big book of stickers and when he comes up to graffiti hot spots carefully opens his extremely large book and peels off a large sticker and places it on the wall?

Now for some graffiti that is completely different.

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