Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sand circles on the beach

I found evidence of unexplained sand circles on the beaches of Toronto, circles reminiscent of crop circles placed, in popular opinion, by visitors from another planet. I do not recognize the tracks or what possible equipment could have made the marks. The area is away from the nearest road - in fact the route is blocked by an insurmountable elevated walkway, and the shallow waters of the harbour seem to limit what could approach from Lake Ontario.
No these circular tracks must have been made from UFO's dropping down from the sky. Maybe they trail their resource stealing tubes in a pattern to extract gold and silver (or other rare resource from their home planet) from the water's edge.
I mean, look close at the marks above, I have never seen anything even remotely resembling the patterns pressed into the sand (confirmed unknown after extensive work with Google Images). We may never know the origin of the signs, most surely from outside the Earth's atmosphere, so we can only surmise that it is for some horrible purpose. I hope that we can prevail in the upcoming fight, hopefully the birds will keep watch and alert us to any invasion.

Update: I thought I heard that sightings of extraterrestrials has occurred. They have been described as slightly portly giants - I think they may have even caught one, they certainly have tried to tie it up, but in fury and desperation the giant pulled free and stomped on people. Run people, run!

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