Saturday, August 27, 2011

Toronto FanExpo 2011

The extremely large Toronto FanExpo event filled the south halls of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street during it's weekend run from August 25th to the 28th, 2011. Commonly known as LineExpo, the show is famous for lines that stretch along the boulevards surrounding the Convention Centre and on into the building.
The geeks and nerds were joined by the beautiful and sexy as people embraced all manner of expos from Comic Book, Sci Fi, Horror, Anime and Gaming. The outfits include plenty of wigs and colourful contact lenses. These photos are from Saturday. See photos of the previous 2010 Comic and Cosplay convention here.
We bought tickets ahead of time and avoided the long lineups outside for long lineups inside. I particularly liked the section of lines that snaked back and forth under the escalators. We finally made it in and wandered the aisles of comic books, action figures and artists.
Sexy chain mail. You can see more hot cosplay below and also on my post here.
Fighting robots from Hugh Jackman's new movie Real Steel.
Robin, boy wonder.
Green Lantern mutant.

Tom Felton, Draco from the Harry Potter movies.
Katee Sackhoff

They had plenty of celebrity guest stars and we decide to get the photo opportunity with Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galictica. For $50 we were set to take some photos of the Sci Fi star until we were asked if we wanted the photos tonite or tomorrow and we were like - right now. No, you have to have their professional photographer take the picture - wats up wit dat? We quickly grab our money back and get back out onto the show floor to watch all the interesting cosplay outfits.
Colourful wings.
Star Wars characters were out in force at the show.

Fans gather at the 3 sets of guest celebrity autograph areas. Freddy Crueger actor Robert Englund is second from left. 
FanExpo Woot Woot!
See tons more pictures after the jump.

Undercover Star Wars Bounty Hunter in a business suit.

Steampunk accessories.

A character from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
Action figures.
Gaming characters.

Monty Python's knights.

Star Wars family.

Lee Majors the Six Million Dollar Man

Lance Henrickson, Bishop from the Alien movies
Malcolm McDowell, from Star Trek Generations
John Astin, Gomez from the Addams Family.
Marina Sirtis, Deanna Troi from Start Trek The Next Generaton.

I think this guy really was Thor

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