Sunday, September 19, 2010

Roy Thomson Hall

I must admit that I have never gone into Roy Thomson Hall. There has just never been a concert or event that I wanted to go to that was held at the Hall. The location is prime and it is just a stone's throw from the new Bell Lightbox, home of TIFF, and they had a gigantic red carpet set up for the Toronto Film Festival.

Passing by one afternoon I got to see part of the lineup ready for patrons to wait in, and circle, as they attend a movie premier - they would have to wind down long aisles protected by plush, red velvet ropes, until they finally reached the entrance to the Hall and the hallowed popcorn counter.

The building itself looks like a large space ship that took a fancy to our city and landed smack dab in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers. No alien was at home giving those nasty probes, but security was tight for protection of  movie stars. By the way the 35th annual TIFF party ends today. You can see what the photographers had to go through for the event at the Lines of Sight blog. The Toronto Star has a lot of photos of the many celebrities that came for the Festival. Sarah Silverman and Clint Eastwood are two stars that I wish I had seen wandering around Toronto.

While waiting to take this very picture I was joined by authors of the website who were hitting up people as they looked to market and discuss their website. I foolishly confused it with and thought that I hadn't visited it - yet I now realize that this official City of Toronto website is where I often go to see the festival and events scheduled in Toronto. I said that I tended to visit BlogTO (which seems to be a website about poutine), (I love the G20 stuff, even when their readers complain) and Toronto Mike (he sees a lot of dead people).

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