Tuesday, September 07, 2010

HMCS Fredericton - warship in Toronto

The ship of the line HMCS Fredericton is touring the Great Lakes and stopping along the way to let people board and explore the Canadian warship. The ship took part in an exercise during the Airshow and was open to the public on the Holiday Monday. Rather than shots of all the missiles I thought I would show the signal light which looks pretty cool. I also liked the bumpers that they put out alongside the ship, they remind me of World War II mines.
The Fredericton is heading to the City of Hamilton and will tie up beside the HMCS Haida (which was moved from Toronto to Hamilton a few years ago) and, have you heard this story - it's pretty amazing, they sent divers ahead of the Hamilton visit to make sure nothing out of the ordinary was at the dock site. Instead of a bomb or other damaging materials hidden underwater they find a pickup truck! With a body inside the truck, from the start of the year!!!!!!!

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