Friday, September 24, 2010

Filming at City Hall

Movie crews spent all day setting up at City Hall to shoot in Nathan Phillips Square on September 24. It is always surprising how much stuff is necessary to make movies. From snacks to makeup, film dollies and rails, lights and reflectors and all the people needed to staff and act - it's like a small army. I think the director was using a small lens to frame the upcoming scene while the camera gear was being readied for the new location.

The movie business is a lot like the army, hurry up and wait, and I think the boredom must get to the actors sometimes. Though the interest of the people who pass by is intense, people stop, look and continue on their way. Speaking of films my Youtube Channel is almost at 1 million views!

I think they must have pulled miles of cables under the raised floor of the square. This worker was dressed for getting in the crowded and messy underground space.

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