Sunday, September 12, 2010

NCTS at Barrie Speedway

The Nascar Canadian Tire Series race - the Wild Wings 300, was held at Barrie Speedway and it was a good day for racing. The main event was a night race and the brakes of the stock cars became so hot as they entered the corners that they glowed a deep red (Scott Steckly leads JR Fitzpatrick above). 

The racetrack is up Highway 400 and onto Highway 11 just north of Barrie. Turning off 11 I thought that this race was going to be huge. Parking lots full of cars, traffic guys directing traffic, there were a lot of people in this area. It turns out that a large hunk of the crowd were there for the 40th annual fall auto flea market, but a lot did stay for the race which had a large turnout. Here I am on the track following the driver autograph session.
Barrie Speedway is a small oval race track with not a lot of straight runs available. You hit the corners and when you come out of the corner you have to get setup for the next one. It is tight and with a large field of high speed vehicles you are just waiting for trouble. So there were a number of contacts and turn arounds (there were eight cautions in the race, JR Fitzpatrick takes a little detour, below, while Jeff Lapcevich goes by and Kerry Micks of the 02 car seems to be missing a few parts) during the race and it is always funny to see mangled race cars stripped of broken parts and exposed engines running the race.

The race day starts early in the afternoon with a one hour practice (Jason White of the 21 car, below, is sponsored by A&W and the team always gives out free A&W Root Beers) and later a two lap qualifying run which determines a car's start position. A short time later the cars are lined up on the track and the fans are allowed onto the track to get autographed photos from the Nascar drivers.
DJ Kennington (#17) and Don Thomson Jr (#4) battled it out and finished so close at the last lap as they finished side by side with a 0.015 second difference. The rest of the top five were Pete Shepherd III (#7), Scott Steckly (#22) and JR Fitzpatrick (#84).

See more coverage of the race after the jump.

Here are the race winners as they cross the finish line side by side. Car 17 squeaks into the lead and takes the checkered flag for the winner's victory lap. 

The top three get their trophies, from left to right - Pete Shepherd III (3rd), DJ Kennington (1st) and Don Thomson Jr (2nd). After this photo they sprayed each other with the traditional champagne showers.
The day's schedule also included race Pure Stock and Thunder Car events. Daisy Duck rides with Desiree Walt in the Halford's Tax Service  21 Thunder Car.

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