Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jacked Photo - Anne Mroczkowski

Update April 28, 2010: Anne Mroczkowski will join Leslie Roberts to anchor the Global Toronto News Hour starting June 1. National Post has an interview with Anne regarding her layoff and new job with Global.

Global Toronto's website says "Leslie and Anne are an unbeatable team," said Patrick O'Hara, Vice President, Eastern Stations & General Manager, Global Toronto. "Their collective experience, knowledge, and deep connection with viewers in the Greater Toronto Area make them a winning combination. We are very pleased to welcome Anne to Global Toronto and are confident that our viewers will love our new co-anchor team." It's great to see some of our on air stars getting a chance to get work in Toronto.

At the same time the Toronto Star continues to steal my photo and use it for this new development in the Anne Mroczkowski story. Here is a screen shot of their website article by Rob Salem using my photo without my permission.

Original blog post....

The recent media carnage at CityTV with the downsizing of staff has been picked up by a number of online players. I noticed my photo of Anne Mrroczkowski, co-anchor of CityTV News and one of the recently fired, has been taken from my site and used without permission or credit on The Toronto Star site and now on their subsiduary Eye Weekly.

Here is another of the series of pictures that I took of Anne - I didn't use it the first time, even though she looks foxy, because it focused more on the camera man.

I have asked them to credit and link to me or pay me or remove the photo so I will see what they choose to do. You can see my photo on these pages (maybe more to follow).

The Toronto Star:
and here:
EYE WEEKLY: UPDATE January 22, 2010. EYEWEEKLY updated their site and added my credit and a link to my site - thanks EYEWEEKLY.

No wonder many media companies are laying off staff - they keep finding content free online!

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