Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Vault - Scarborough Bluffs

The hills at the edge of Lake Ontario have been battered by erosion and the bald, grey, vertical bluffs stand devoid of vegetation. Jutting into the lake below the bluffs is a large marina and Bluffers Park. The picture above is a view from the park looking towards the bluffs during Fall of 2005. In the many times that I have visited the area I have seen some movies and commercials being filmed in the park. It is also a nice place to bring the family for a picnic and a game of frisbee.

In 2007 while exploring the area around the top of the Scarborough Bluffs we came upon a group of three cute, tiny raccoons who were currently without their parents and before animal control showed up.

Here is a YouTube video of the little guys playing.

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