Saturday, January 23, 2010

Canadian Motorsports Expo - 2010

The halls of the Toronto International Centre were full of race fans attending the weekend long Canadian Motorsports Expo sponsored by Inside Track Motorsport Magazine. I dropped by on Saturday with a media pass courtesy of Greg MacPherson, editor of Inside Track and got to meet with some NASCAR Canadian Tire Series (NCTS) drivers, NASCAR Champion Matt Kenseth (pictured above) and even CityTV's own Mark Dailey.

NASCAR's #17 DeWALT (and now #17 Crown Royal) car driver Matt Kenseth has won the 2003 Sprint Cup and the 2009 Daytona 500 and the fans lined up for hours to meet and get an autograph from the American Champion.

A meet and greet of several of NASCAR Canadian Tire Series (NCTS) drivers was also well attended by local racing fans. 2009 Series Champion Andrew Ranger (pictured below) of the #27 Tide/Wal-Mart car also had his 2009 car on hand at the show. Team owner Dave Jacombs noted that in Quebec Andrew is treated like a rock star. NCTS driver Robin Buck says that "Andrew is the best driver he has ever raced against."

The NCTS driver panel from left to right: Derek Lynch, Brad Graham, Anthony Simone, Steve Mathews, Andrew Ranger, Ron Beauchamp Jr, Robin Buck, Dave Thorndyke, Mark Dilley.

One of the highlights of the show was the meet the media session with racing press superstars Dean McNulty of the Toronto Sun and Norris McDonald of the Toronto Star. In the picture below Erik Tomas of Raceline Radio playfully puts up the peace sign behind Norris McDonald.

The media members were from left to right: Todd Lewis Pit Reporter and Broadcaster, Jeff Pappone Globe and Mail, Dean McNulty Toronto Sun, Tim Miller Hamilton Spectator, Russ Bond Inside Track &, Norris NcDonald Toronto Star and Erik Tomas Raceline Radio. Among the topics discussed on Saturday was the proposed Ft Erie racetrack Canadian Motor Speedway and NASCAR relaxing their contact rules.

Wide Open Motorsport Solutions held a press conference to introduce NCTS #02 driver Kerry Micks and his sponsors Micks Motorsports and Beyond Digital have been joined by sponsor Dickies for 2010 and 2011. The team is also promoting prostate cancer awareness. The new car was unveiled for the public at the Motorsports Expo.

Sponsors Bill MacFarlane, Dickies Vice President of Marketing and Court Armstrong, Director of Beyond Digital pull back the cover on the new #02 car.

Driver Kerry Micks stands beside his new ride for the 2010 season.

Mark Dailey attended the show for the unveiling of Kerry Micks new Dickies, Beyond Digital, Micks Motorsports NCTS 02 racecar. CityNEWS anchor Mark Dailey has been with CityTV for over 30 years and I certainly consider Mark the voice of CityTV, in fact his comments and voice are the most recognizable part of the station. Mark made a very public fight against prostate cancer and helps to promote awareness with the group Prostate Cancer of Canada.

Mark Dailey, the tall good looking guy, joins me near Kerry Micks car (photo by Joe Fresh).

Hooters girls provided some beautiful atmosphere while promoting their restaurant chain at the show.

Tomorrow (Sunday January 24) Indy driver and Canadian Paul Tracy will be on hand for an autograph session.

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