Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Light Bike Rave for anti-Nuit Blanche 2021

So Nuit Blanche is cancelled for 2021, what is a body to do on what is the usually the greatest all-night art festival in Toronto? I say we take back the night. I am planning alternate Nuit Blanche programming (anti-Nuit Blanche) - the return of the light bike ride which has been running concurrently with Nuit Blanche. Bring back the light bikes for 2021! 

On the traditional Nuit night of Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 everyone with light bicycles, or illuminated e-scooters,  join us for a couple hours riding around downtown Toronto. Just like they used to do with rave rides by Neon Riders or the monthly night rides by the Toronto Cruisers. Add massive lights, bring some music and be one of the better art installations that Nuit Blanche has ever seen.

Riders can gather between 8-9pm on Saturday, October 2nd at Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall. While riders social distance and check out the groovy lights on the bikes in the first hour, then as the hour strikes 9pm we can head out onto the streets of Toronto. I am planning a small route of about ten kilometres with a few stops at a few of Toronto's top tourist destinations.

Planned route: Leave Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall and head north on Bay Street, turning east on Dundas Street and head over to Parliament Street. Then south on Parliament to the historic Distillery District and back onto Parliament Street south bound to Queens Quay, then west on Queens Quay, north on Simcoe Street, west on Bremner Blvd past the CN Tower and Rogers Centre and onto Spadina Avenue northbound. Heading east bound on King Street to David Pecaut Square before heading north on Yonge Street to Yonge-Dundas Square.

Note this route can be changed if another bigger group joins the ride and has a preferred route through downtown Toronto. It could be just me and my friend, so don't leave us hanging - grab your bike and join us.

anti-Nuit Blanche Rave Ride 2021

Keep safe, social distance, wear masks and make sure your bike has headlights, taillights and a bell. 

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