Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Force Field and the Scotiabank CONTACT Photo Festival

A circular exhibition of photos was displayed in Fort York National Historic Site Garrison Common with pictures by Dayna Danger, Peter Morin, Fallon Simard and Ange Loft. The group exhibition is described as an Indigiqueer, immersive intervention is compromised of two sided billboards, run in a circle and includes a medicine wheel planter in the middle. The installation began in June and continued until the beginning of September 2021.

From CONTACT's website, "The project’s title, Force Field, is intended as a double entendre—it honours the positive force that Indigiqueer folx offer as a community, and acknowledges the individual force fields Indigiqueer folx often need to protect ourselves from the ongoing dominance of various colonial, heteronormative, cis, white, and patriarchal pressures. The installation’s circular viewing structure physically mirrors what we might imagine a real protective force field would look like, creating a buffered safe space within an area historically rife with hazard. The title also connects to the violent legacy upheld by memorializing a military fortress—underscoring how this public park supports the acts of colonial power and brutality once exerted there. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the exhibition. In addition to connecting with the site and the installation’s overarching Indigqueer themes, artists were also asked to respond to one of the four natural elements."

See more of the photo exhibition after the jump.

Garrison Common looking toward Fort York

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