Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Cake and short stories at Waterpark Place

A new vending machine in the path section of the newish office tower at the foot of Bay Street in Toronto is having a tough time keeping full of delicious slices of cake.

Carlo's of Hoboken Bake Shop Express is full of individual slices of their cakes, including a colouful rainbow dessert. The large, red vending machine is loaded in the morning and empty not long after. The four varieties also include red velvet, carrot and chocolate and all currently sell for $8.99.

And for curious readers of short stories you can stop by a special station where you can get a free story printed on paper. Yes it is possible to go offline and still read, just like the old days. Pick one, three or five minute short stories and it will quickly spit out a receipt like paper with your story.
I chose the one and five minute buttons and got a poem called 'Prayer' by Kate Angus (approx. 1 foot long) and a longer misperceptions story titled 'An Urban Legend' by Arielle Maidon (at approx. 3 feet long). This could also be the future of newspapers! Print 1minute headlines, 3 minute headlines with a one sentence summary or go whole hog with a paragraph for each important headline. No massive printing and distribution network required and less recycling waste. Plus you could read the story and snack on your cake.

There is also a Cake Boss vending machine in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre Path tunnel.

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