Saturday, August 24, 2019

The MAMMOTH Cheese

Road tripping through eastern Ontario on the way to Ottawa and we had to stop at some quirky attractions along the way. In Perth with a visit to the Mammoth Cheese replica located by the Crystal Palace. The original big boy of cheese was 22,000 pounds which crashed through the floor at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago and its fame has only spread from then when it was shipped to England.
Perth is a beautiful old town and the Crystal Palace is nestled between a river and a canal.

More of downtown Perth

See more roadside attractions after the jump.

In the small town of Tweed we found "North America's smallest jailhouse", now used as an information centre. It turns out that they aren't the smallest jail, but they haven't taken off the signs.

Tweeds tiny jail

The large concrete chicken, pictured below, was just outside Tweed. Placed in front of the Chicken Coop store it is underwhelming in its beauty and unless there was a tiny jail bundled with the visit, not worth the trip on its own merits.

In Sharbot Lake we found a railway heritage park with several train type things on display, placed on a small remaining section of rail by the lake.

Kick and Push Railway; the Kingston and Pembroke Railway

Sometimes the destination is a disappointment and sometimes the attraction is a hit (like the train tunnel), but the journey and the scenery you visit is usually worth the time. You get a chance to see things and places you wouldn't necessarily have seen unless you are looking for adventure.

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