Sunday, August 18, 2019

SPIN Toronto

Playing ping pong in a basement bar is a lesson in how bad most people are at the game, balls are flying everywhere, they litter the ground like you have wandered into a ping pong driving range. Still it is fun to pick a new ball out of the table bin and let fly for one or two more volleys of returns before the ball veers off to parts unknown. It seems like everyone has played a few games when they were 13, then put away the paddles for briefcases.
An old bathtub full of SPING ping pong balls

SPIN is located in an alley off of 461 King Street West near Spadina Avenue, just down the alley about mid-block, with a flight of stairs down into the table tennis club. The 12,000 square foot club has a sign above the stairs - PING with the letter I spinning around until the sign says PONG, and 12 ping pong tables.

I finally had a chance to check out the games room just this past week. The menu is limited but they have plenty of booze and draft beer. Luckily you don't have to be an athlete like playing tennis might require, you just have to be able to swing your arms as you attempt to place the ball on the opponents side of the table, of course easier said than done.

Once you get the pros in your group to stop the slams, it can be quite fun to whack the lightweight, orange and branded balls across the room. Besides the cost for your food and drink, the charge is $9 per person, per hour. It's great as a team building event with workmates, a way to make your first date a little less awkward or if you are really competitive - a place to crush your opponents without having to throw axes around.

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