Saturday, August 17, 2019

Toronto Argonauts at the CNE

Double Blue took on the Double E during the opening of the 2019 Canadian National Exhibition on Friday, August 17. What makes the CNE even better - free entrance included with your ticket to the Canadian Football League's Toronto Argonaut game at BMO Field. Our public transit ride brought us right to Exhibition Place where we bypassed the ticket lines to go directly to the gates, showed our Argo tickets and then proceeded in an orderly fashion into the EX.

Some of the Argo Cheerleaders
Runners with flags sprint around the sidelines after an Argo touchdown. Plus they set off their canon

We spent a great day wandering the midway and buildings throughout the annual fair before we made our way into BMO Field for the 7:30pm game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Argos. Typically the gates open around 6:00pm and they let you into the stands at 6:30pm. Heading into the arena with over 16,000 fans we wandered the halls checking out the beverages and food choices and there was a game day special for draft beer - five bucks a piece!
The teams are already on the field at that point doing exercises, yoga and calisthenics while the water girls/guys are making sure the athletes stay hydrated. First of all it seems like there are thousands of players and coaches and they tend to wander around the sidelines and onto the field all the time, which seems weird. Then they clear the field, only to return minutes later for the team introductions with colourful smoke blowing at the players entrance. There are too many to individually name so they just say here are the Toronto Argos, here are the Edmonton Eskimos and finally they start the pre-game ceremonies.

Ready for the snap
Edmonton making a field goal

Football can be pretty exciting and the crowd really gets into the action, especially when they ask us to make noise and we pound our legs on the metal stadium floors. Breaks in the game take place to allow for network commercials, then the teams once again line up head to head as yards become the goal of the team. Edmonton was in charge for most of the game and sadly the Argos lost to the Eskimoes 41-26. Still had fun and can highly recommend the entertainment combo.

After the game you didn't have to hurry home, you could still enjoy all the events and attractions during the the night time CNE.

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