Monday, September 10, 2018

A trip to the peninsula

Temperatures dropped more than ten degrees on the September 7-9, 2018 weekend in the Bruce Peninsula. It went from temperatures in the 30s to highs of 16 degrees Celsius and the wind picked up on Georgian Bay at the entrance to Lake Huron. Waves picking up white caps caused all the fleets of tourist boats running in Tobermory to shut down. No run to Flowerpot Island, no shipwreck cruises and definitely no kayaking in the cool blue and green waters of Georgian Bay.
Even in the now off-season, the parking in downtown Tobermory was slim pickings as tourists filled the small town, boat-less as the ships weren't running, looking through tiny shops and eating in the area restaurants. One boat did run, the stately ferry MS Chi-Cheemaun still picked up passengers and vehicles for the run between Tobermory and Manitoulin Island.
MS Chi-Cheemaun coming into the Port of Tobermory
Welcome to Sauble Beach
the fire burns down to embers

Instead we stayed in Sauble Falls Provincial Park and ventured to to the Huron coast, which was much calmer compared to Tobermory, and enjoyed the sandy stretch of Sauble Beach. Parking after Labour Day in the beach town is free now, so enjoy the beach at a cheaper cost. We parked at the northern edge of Sauble Beach, within site of the mouth of Sauble River, and pulled our kayaks to the beach, put on our pirate hats and grabbed our foam swords. The shallow waters of Lake Huron were pleasantly warm along the waters edge and we began our kayaking voyage up the river.
Sauble River leading up from the Great Lake is 3.25 kilometers to the cascading waters of Sauble Falls, which is also right beside the Provincial Park of the same name. The waters are home to several fishing birds who seem to not mind humans near them, birds like the white egret, blue heron and comorant. The kayak trip takes about an hour each way and you can play in the falls and find a bathroom along the river's edge.
Posing with the statue of Willie

The great sword battle is joined

It was a weekend of fun and exploration, wearing extra layers of clothing and huddling by the evening's fire. On the way back home we were looking for attractions to stop and check out - like Wiarton Willie (still didn't see the furry little guy yet), most were a bust like the biggest porch swing (hiding out within partial view of the road, not accessible) and we missed the tiny church, although we passed the tiniest cemetery on the way up.

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