Thursday, September 27, 2018

8-Bit Wampum Belt at the Beltway

Bentway Park under Toronto's elevated Gardiner Expressway is hosting the Wampum Belt made of circuit boards painted in a variety of colours. The large installation is by Wally Dion of the Yellow Quill First Nation and will remain in place until November 30, 2018.

The Bentway's website says of  "Dion’s latest work monumentalizes the traditional wampum belt— stringed shell beads used for commercial, ornamental, ceremonial, and diplomatic purposes — to suit the massive scale of The Bentway site. Comprised of a patchwork of circuit boards, 8-Bit Wampum’s materiality also references the city’s prospective future as a tech hub, and the similarly inevitable shifts in land value, ownership, and environmental stewardship as times change and new “digital settlements” emerge. The belt’s patterning evokes an ascending pathway as it meanders, splitting into two divergent paths before rejoining in an optimistic symbol suggesting future compromise."

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