Friday, June 22, 2018

Redpath Waterfront Festival 2018

Famous for the 2017 giant rubber ducky, the annual festival returns with the HTO Pendulum Wave at HTO Beach. The Redpath Waterfront Festival also features Aqua Cirque which is an H20 Themed Circus Show at Sherbourne Common. "Aqua Cirque is an enchanting and colourful show from A2D2 – Aerial Dance Cirque Co. The show tells a magical underwater tale with mystical creatures performing incredible acrobatics, aerials and nautical feats. Submerge yourself with our aquatic friends as they take you on a captivating undersea journey." The annual Toronto waterfront festival weekend runs from Friday, June 22 to 24.
HTO Pendulum Wave - giant beach balls
360 degree photo. Left click and drag to view the photos in all directions

Also joining the beach balls at HTO Park is the Royal Canadian Navy Tall Ship the HMCS Oriole. The ship has been out on a training mission and this is the first time it has been in the Great Lakes in over 25 years.
Six giant beach balls form the installation HTO Pendulum Wave, designed by Decor & More, where the balls swing back and forth. The balls are 6.5 feet wide and hang from a steel truss structure right by the water and as the balls move back and forth they are cranking out the tunes. Look but don't touch. It is slightly interesting, but come on, we all know this doesn't hold a candle to the giant rubber ducky. You know what would have been great? A giant Gozzzilllla pointing towards the unknowing city, or an giant ape climbing up the CN Tower.

HTO Pendulum Wave - giant beach balls
360 degree photo

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