Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kicked out of Friday Harbour

Our first kayak trip of the season happened when we visited Big Bay Point, near the northern part of Lake Simcoe and it ended not so well. Travelling to Innisfil we made for the government dock to launch our kayaks and ended up with a $50 parking ticket because they don't like visitors, so try to go to some other town if you want to launch your kayak. Areas along Lake Simcoe were infamous for episodes of locals pushing Asians into the water in assaults that were known as 'nipper-tipping'. It looks like they found another way to keep unwanted visitors from coming into the area by restricting parking access to taxpayer funded places like government docks!

At the mouth of Friday Harbour

Then we set out on the water during a beautiful day, boating around the point and heading over to the new development at Friday Harbour. My wife is obsessed with this place, she tried to win a condo by buying a ticket to the Princess Margaret lottery but lost out and cried for days. It started to enter her thoughts because of the radio ads and their logo with the combined backwards F attached to the letter H (she dislikes the logo so it is stuck in her head). I thought it would be a perfect waterborne journey and then we could explore the harbour and go into one of the restaurants or even Starbucks for a coffee and snack.
Friday Harbour 5-0 gives us the old heave ho

As we headed into the harbour (picture at top) we were greeted by a couple of security people in a pontoon party boat who said that they can't have just any kayaks in the harbour and kicked us out.
Leaving the government dock, you can almost hear the town say we don't want you

An old anchor decoration along the shore
The highlight of the trip was the brood of tiny ducklings

So basically Big Bay Point sucks for visitors.

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