Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bad Axe Throwing in Toronto

Don't worry though, with practice I am sure you will work up to mediocre axe throwing. Warmer winter temperatures and rain in the forecast means it is time for indoor sports and some excitement is in order so grab a shiny axe, close your eyes and let fly! Actually, probably not a good idea to close your eyes. You really need an axe range, a fancy target and some rudimentary training in the art of the throw to enjoy the experience. You can book your event or check the dates for walk in times.

Having enjoyed the fun of axe throwing I can definitely recommend the sport as a group or even a singles or couples activity. Speaking of couples, Valentines Day in Toronto can be a great time to check out Bad Axe Throwing near Runnymede Road and St Claire Avenue West in Toronto (346 Ryding Ave, Unit 201). The love of valentine's combined with the sport of axe throwing means a truly unique date, or go in alone and meet some new friends for a couple of hours of fun. You might like it enough to join one of their leagues.
"When we’re not planning a huge corporate event our hosts are busy celebrating Toronto’s most exciting birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and family outings for people of all ages. Currently our largest venue, Toronto can accommodate up to twelve 3 hour events a day, and it’s certainly not uncommon to do so. If you’re thinking you’re ready for Bad Axe Throwing Toronto, we’re definitely ready to show you the best time in a long time. We know you’ll love the thrill and insanely fun feeling of throwing an axe with us." Photos provided.

You can bring in your own food and drinks - they provide fridges on site for players to use.

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