Sunday, January 08, 2017

No Pants Subway Ride 2017

Put on your fancy, Sunday go to town underwear and join the Toronto No Pants Subway Ride on Sunday, January 8. The 15th annual ride notes that "pants are just a fancy word for leg jail" and says "we're breaking free and hitting the rails". Improve Everywhere started the global event in New York in 2002 and in Toronto the event is hosted by the No Pants Society.

The ride begins at the Finch Subway Station where participants will brave the chilly underground and head out to bring a sense of wonderment to city commuters. Some will smile and some will say wtf and a rare few will join the crowd and remove their pants because "ain't no subway ride like a pantsless subway ride." Backpacks are recommended to hold your pants, while boxers our briefs are your choice.

Finally the riders can join together for an after party which will bring the underground subway travelers to the city's frozen streets from Dufferin Station to Penny's. For this above ground journey it would probably be better to wear long underwear! Here is the proposed schedule.

"3:00PM Meet at the DWA (Designated Waiting Area) at Finch Station
3:20ish We lose our pants and depart!
4:00ish* Pantsless Parade from Dufferin Station to Penny's
4:00PM No Pants Dance AfterParty at Penny's begins (1306 Bloor st W, just E of Lansdowne station).
*All times are guesstimates, 'cause Y'KNOW HOW THE TTC IS"

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