Sunday, January 15, 2017

The makeover of Berczy Park

The quiet oasis located in the St Lawrence Market area of Toronto has been fenced off for some time as the park has been re-imagined and reconstructed by the City's contractor. Best known for peaceful contemplation centered around the large fountain with an amazing view of the giant mural on the triangular Flatiron building. At one time lovely metal chairs and tables provided by the Friends of Berczy Park ranged around the fountain, perfect for reading a book and enjoying a coffee or tea from the nearby Tim Hortons while the city buzzes on without you.
Now the only fencing that remains is the temporary orange construction fence that protects the new grass and trees on the small rolling hills along with the fence around the still in progress fountain. The dull grey concrete sidewalks and walls have been removed and replaced with coloured tiles that line the central area and on the walkways that run into the site.
The old fountain is gone and in its place rises a much larger multi-storied circular fountain that, at its peak, holds a giant golden bone. A bone so appetizing that dog statues on each level surround the bone, drawn to the golden treasure so tantalizing that they will never leave its sight - not even for a tinkle at the closest fire hydrant. More dogs remain to be installed and I understand that a single cat will be added to the gang of doggies. A play area for children is also coming.
Panorama of the park with the Flatiron building and mural on the left
The front of the Gooderham Flatiron Building at Church and Front Streets
Toronto Historical Board plaque showing the architect and the date of construction 1892

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