Monday, May 26, 2014

Freighters go up and down in the Welland Canal

Rather than make the leap over Niagara Falls, St Lawrence steamers pass through the canal which connects upstream Lake Erie with downstream Lake Ontario. Dropping through 8 locks and 100 vertical metres in a route over 43 km long, the waterway is very popular for shipping and watching the boats go buy. The ships maximize their available space and with very little room to spare they squeeze into the concrete locks.

Passing a lift bridge into lock number 2, part of the St Lawrence Seaway system

See more boats after the jump.

Elevated platform at Lock No. 3 looking towards the Garden City Skyway 

Looking towards Lock No. 3

CL Hanse Gate was heading to Korea

'You won't get any closer to a Great Lakes Ship unless you're a sailor yourself! The Welland Canals Centre's elevated observation platform lets visitors see ships from around the world as they navigate Lock 3 on their way through the St. Lawrence Seaway System. See the ships climb the mountain from this observation platform. Ships transit the canal from April to December. Our observation deck is always free to use.'

The ship stands tall in the lock until the water pours out and ship slowly drops until you are looking down at the deck

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